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MPMC has focused on manufacturing high-end generator sets for 10 years,

and have a complete and reliable power generation solution for commercial and industrial products.

MPMC generator sets are everywhere from polar to desert,

high mountains to plains, cities to villages,

civil to military use, simple to complex application environment to provide service for customers.

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MPMC’s products have passed the international product quality certification of CE, TUV, SGS, SASO, EAC, BV, TLC, SONCAP and UL etc.

It has a wide range of application fields from outdoor operations such as exhibition, construction, expressway, mining and oil field,

manufacturing, banks, data centers and even the military, etc. MPMP can supply strong support for all of these applications.

MPMC diesel generator sets adopt famous brands of engines, generators,

control modules and circuit breakers.

According to customer's requirements and standards,

MPMC can supply customized design, including voltage, frequency,

base, base tank and tank capacity, automatic or manual control, noise reduction and other design.

Open Type
Open type
MPMC Generator Sets
Power Range 6-3000Kva
MPMC diesel generator sets equipped with international brand DSE control module, maintenance-free start battery and power range between 6 ~ 625kVA equipped with the standard bottom tank. Equipped with damping system, reduce the bumpiness. The compact narrow body design allows for more cost-effective transport and storage. And the bottom forklift and drag holes make it easy for hoisting and transportation.
MPMC diesel generator sets with reliable performance and is suitable for continuous long-time running between 8-24 hours. It has excellent low-temperature startup performance. If users have special requirements, it can achieve lower environmental startup. And it can also adapt to plateau working conditions whose height is above 1000-5000M.
Silent Type
Silent Type
MPMC Generator Sets
Power Range Between 20-600Kva
Except having the characteristics of open type generator set, all series of silent generator sets can be lifted from eye lifting hooks on the top.
MPMC silent generator sets have the features of low noise, compact structure, small volume, good ventilation, rainproof, dustproof, noise reduction and high protection grade.
The galvanized canopy is suitable for all kinds of harsh environment. Each unit has passed rigorous wind resistance test, resonance test and temperature test and the products meet the international standard of safety performance.
Trailer Type
Trailer Type
MPMC Generator Sets
Power Range Between 30kVA-500 KVA
Except the advantages of the silent type generator sets, MPMC trailer type generator sets also have the advantages of high strength structural design, meets the road traffic safety standards, small turning angle, high mobility, easy to draw to any construction site, equipped with warning lamps, side lamps, fog lamps, fenders, and it can meet different industrial and mining needs.
Container Type
Container Type
MPMC Generator Sets
Power Range Between 625-3000 KVA
Except the features of a silent generator set, the sturdy container design features a fully integrated box-type silencer on the top of the container, the container made of steel parts coated with durable paint, completely enclosed steel floors, steel shutters, stainless steel external fasteners, access doors on each side, can move inside the container, and the container unit enjoys full MPMC warranty support.
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