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Hybrid energy micro power plant, as the innovative product of the MPMC,

has absorbed innovative ideas such as "clean, convenient,

multi-purpose and intelligent",

and it can connect with all kinds of renewable energy that PV can complementary at the same time.

It can automatically choose the best available energy.

When the power grid does not exist or is not reliable,

When the fuel supply is insufficient or dangerous,

When the natural gas/oil resources are insufficient or nonexistent, MPMCMicro-station.


MPMC Micro Power Station Hybrid Energy Micro Power Station

The hybrid energy Micro Power Station developed independently by MPMC

and can be widely used in home smart power stations,

new energy vehicle charging,5G base station power supply,

municipal extinguishing power supply, and military power supply optimization.

Micro Power Station provides unmatched ease of use and reliability,

greatly reducing your power production costs under extreme conditions.

MPMC Hybrid Energy Micro-power Station is mainly divided into mobile type and fixed type.

Through innovation, integrated solar energy, wind power generation,

energy storage and intelligent control, fool installation,

one-click start, free electricity, to achieve off-grid direct supply 1kw-5kw,

energy storage 5kw-30kw, to meet the different terminal electricity needs.

Grid Scale Battery Energy Storage Solutions
Battery Energy Storage Solutions
MPMC Containerized Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) allows fast installation and easy operation for its modular design.
Based on standard 40"GP Container,it copes with configuration from 1 MWh energy storage power station(single container) to major power plant (combining multiple containers). It integrates up-market Battery System, Battery Management System and Operation Monitoring System, meeting the most demanding applications from solar power storage,wind power storage, peak-shaving. on/off-grid, backup power etc Excellen lithium-ion battery consistency ensures 4000 times of cycle life under charge/discharge @ 0.3C once per day @ DOD 80% for 8 consecutive years.
Home Smart Power Station
Home Smart Power Station
The equipment of this project adopts the current domestic leading scientific research results. The biggest feature is the large storage capacity, which can not only meet the basic life and power needs of farmers and herdsmen, but also some basic production such as small-scale pumping irrigation, feed processing, and electric welding cutting. It not only utilizes natural energy, protects the environment, but also saves investment in infrastructure construction, enabling farmers and herders in remote areas to enjoy a convenient modern life.
New Energy Car Charging
New Energy Car Charging
Set up charging posts in hotels, shopping malls, banks, companies, schools, scenic spots, etc. to make it easier for owners to charge their favorite electric vehicles while handling personal affairs. A charging station is equivalent to sitting at a gas station, basically do not have to worry about charging problems, just as mobile phone charging is convenient.
5G Base Station Power Supply
5G Base Station Power Supply
The six 305W solar panels are combined into a single unit for easy folding and transportation, and multiple units can be connected in series to provide 2-15kW of power supply. Used in conjunction with a 5G signal transmission system, it can be used to build 5G telecom base stations.
Used in the military, it can serve as a small signal launch center, providing signal transmission support for individual combat operations.
Military Power Optimization
Military Power Optimization
Military intelligence can use one of these energy sources (thermal energy, photovoltaics, power grids, wind power, etc.) and use them in combination or alternately. The hybrid station is based on an intelligent system that automatically selects the best available energy. Photovoltaics is a priority, and the operating hours of thermal units are reduced to a minimum. They only operate when the battery needs to be charged, during periods of high usage of the combined power source that requires the sun, generator and inverter.
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