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Global Learder in Distributed Hybrid Solutions and Off-Grid Systems
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Global Leader In Distributed

MPMC has the most advanced modern manufacturing equipments in power generation industry in worldwide.


MPMC have experience and  completed  30MW clean energy project.


MPMC has rich experience and has completed 50MW diesel generator set project.

80 Energy Solution Engineers

MPMC has a professional team composed of industry experts and senior engineers

120+ countries

MPMC's products have been exported to over 120 countries and regions

Battery Energy Storage Systems

Design Standards

HBD® is a new range of secure integrated Battery Energy storage system. This mobile
and modular solution includes batteries, PCS and control system; HVAC, fire protection and auxiliary components for option. It can be connected to external PV power station, AC generator and Grid power.

HBD® is mainly developed for no emission and low noise, Reduce the dependence on grid, Improve power supply quality and Ensure the power consumption of emergency load.

Hybrid Power Solutions

For Residential & Commercial Independent Power

By optimizing the integration of solar power, wind power, and energy storage systems,
MPMC Hybrid Energy Solutions WSB / SB Series has lower costs than conventional solar & batteries storage systems on the market. 

MPMC WSB / SB Series have the advantages of free installation, inattentive operation & maintenance, and greatly shortening the investment return period.The system ensures power supply at night and in remote areas without main grid, saving at least 3,600 kWh of electricity every year. By expanding the capacity, other than saving on electric bills, excess electricity can alsobe sold into the grid.Based on a typical use of household electrical appliances and the shift to more energy - saving appliances, taking account of actual service time of each electrical appliance, the estimated daily household power consumption is 9.58kWh and peak power is about 5940W. And system capacity can be expanded according to requirements

Diesel Power Solutions

MPMC is the professional diesel generator manufacturer in Shanghai, China. We have cooperated with many diesel engine suppliers in China; MPMC power generation delivers reliable economical power solutions with optimal fuel economy and low operating costs, applied in a variety of diverse applications including rental, mining, construction, data center, power plants, telecommunication, etc.


MPMC is willing to provide the most timely, customized and comprehensive solution of intelligent cloud hybrid 
energy to the global customers.



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Industry & Commecial

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EV Charging

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Solar system

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 Disaster Relief

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Greece halves support for 2nd battery storage tender - report
Riverina BESS, NSW’s largest battery storage system begins operations

Riverina BESS, NSW’s largest battery storage system begins operations

The Federation Asset Management Pty Ltd (Federation) and Edify Energy Pty Ltd (Edify) on Monday, Oct. 9 announced that they have begun operations of New South Wales' largest battery energy storage system (BESS) -- Riverina BESS.   The 150MW/300MWh Riverina BESS utilizes Tesla mega-packs and is capable of supporting 240,000 homes with 2 hours of electricity during peak times and critical stabilization services to the transmission grid. Located in Wiradjuri Country, the largest Aboriginal Nation in New South Wales, Riverina BESS, consists of three independent but co-located units with its output contracted to Shell Energy and EnergyAustralia for 10 years.   "As the nation's aging coal plants retire, the need for energy storage becomes ever more pressing. Advanced grid-forming batteries like the Riverina BESS are critical to extracting the maximum capacity from our existing grid infrastructure, allowing timely integration of additional wind and solar generation into the NEM while our grid infrastructure is upgraded," said Stephen Panizza, co-founder and head of renewable energy at Federation.   "Advanced inverter technologies are a superior solution to challenges in the grid than legacy systems. Providing this solution to our electricity system will benefit energy users across the NEM. We plan to accelerate our roll-out of large-scale energy storage," Panizza added.   The collaborative project is designed and developed by Edify with Federation owning 90% and Edify owning the balance 10% along with the responsibility for the long-term operational asset management of the facility.   "The potential for battery storage technology is immense. It is a key part of the clean energy transition and goes hand in glove with harnessing and firming Australia's abundant renewable resources," said John Cole, Chief Executive of Edify.   "This new system in the Riverina elevates the playing field with innovative firming technology ironing out the variable output of wind and solar, delivering affordable and reliable electricity to NSW homes and businesses."   The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) provided $6.6m in funding for the Riverina battery storage project. The NSW Government provided an additional $6.5 million in funding for the battery, as part of its $75 million Emerging Energy Program.  

MPMC's Booth Draws Global Interest at Intersolar THE GREEN EXPO in Mexico


MPMC boasts of perfect quality control system