MPMCwas Invited by Lei Shing Hong Machinery to Visit The Caterpillar’S ​​Headquarters and 1500 and 2000 Series Perkins Engine Factory
Jun 11,2017
MPMC was invited by Lei Shing Hong Machinery to visit the Caterpillar’s headquarters and 1500 and 2000 series Perkins engine factory during June 11-19,2017. Caterpillar Inc, whose headquarters is located in Illinois, USA, is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines and Perkins was bought by Caterpillar in 1998.

The President Mr. Ramin Younessi, Vice President Mr. Chris Snodgrass and the top management team(TMT)of Perkins Global warmly welcome its OEM guests and the team of Lei Shing Hong Machinery and Perkins Shanghai.

MPMC has cooperated with Lei Shing Hong Machinery since 2008 and is the Strategic Partner of Lei Shing Hong Machinery in the business of Perkins.

In addition, MPMC (security code:832266) is one of the most important OEM partners of Perkins.

Perkins engines, with quick and reliable cold start performance, applying advanced technologies, optimized combustion, making low fuel consumption and low noise,

which is energy-saving and environment protection.Because of these excellent performances,

MPMC won many rental and telecom projects successfully such as rental projects in Australia and Saudi Arabia, and the telecom project in Bujumbura,Burundi.。

  • Perkins silent diesel generator sets
  • MPMC 200kva Perkins silent diesel generator sets
  • Perkins silent diesel generator sets for telecom
This visit has promoted mutual affection and reached a consensus on sustained strategic cooperation. MPMC,the world leading smart cloud provider of power solution, will always stick to the core value of “profession, cooperation, innovation and responsibility”, and strive to promote the mutual cooperation to a higher level.
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