Linanhang Traveling
Nov 20,2017
In November 2017, MPMC organizes key member’s team building of MPMC to Linan.
Team members play interesting games on the bus and spend three and a half hours reaching the destination.
owever, the travel is not boring.
The theme of this activity is “Coagulation Of Wisdom, Pursuit Of Dream, Forging Ahead”.

Although the weather is a bit cold, everyone is still full of enthusiasm.

Da Xian Valley is very beautiful. There are many ponds and waterfalls. Water and stone make up a beautiful picture in a secluded setting. Before the waterfall, each team will do a creative show.

Each team also organizes a small contest that takes pictures with tourists in scenic spots. The group that takes the photos as soon as possible and invites more tourists will win the game, so you can see unfamiliar faces in the photos.

Shenlong River is located in Linan, Zhejiang Taihu Lake source ecological demonstration zone, and away 25 kilometers from Linan. There are several famous tourist attractions in it, such as Paradise, Wolong Creek. Everyone had a good time.

In the evening, they get together and share a delicious dinner.

This is a wonderful and rewarding trip! Many thanks for the chance for team members to know and communicate with each other which makes MPMC a better and stronger team.
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